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Why we exist

Blueprintt was founded on the premise that collaboration is crucial to shared economic prosperity. In the face of rapid technological, economic and social changes, collaboration is even more crucial to creating shared and long-term value.

our purpose

We believe that strategies based on big ideas win and that they will always prevail against strategies based on big budgets, brand or market share. Our job is to find the best ideas, wherever they are being applied, and enable our customers to succeed based on proven practices.

Our mission

Share best practices with leaders and strategic teams from key corporate functions to contribute to individual and organizational success.


We are based on four key assets

Expertise in identifying best practices
Our research methodology, central to all of our initiatives, focuses on identifying urgent and common challenges for leaders across industries. Based on this investigation, we found case studies that can be emulated in other organizations. That way, our customers don't have to reinvent the wheel.
Access to peer executives in leading organizations
We leverage our access to a broad spectrum of senior leaders to understand pressing business challenges. This cross-functional approach allows us to offer a strategic perspective to our solutions that reflect concerns across the entire organization.
Market driven schedule
The value proposition of our solutions is determined from conversations with our customers and main thinkers of each corporate function, so that the content and context remain relevant.
Neutrality: we have no bias in favor of practices or solutions
Our independence is a result of our financial independence. We are not financially linked to the sale of consultancy, equipment or technologies, therefore, we only think about improving the performance of our clients, regardless of the path.

Learn a little more about our trajectory

We are a proudly Brazilian company, founded in São Paulo in 2009.
We are not invested, with 100% national capital, and we operate in the vast and important knowledge sector as intermediaries between those who have knowledge and those who need it.
To carry out our work with excellence, we have developed our own research methodologies, which enable us to access sources of knowledge, primary or secondary, and share ideas and practices with those who need this knowledge, with a focus on leaders and members of strategic teams from the main corporate functions.

Major organizations trust us

Year after year, our solutions are used by executives in medium and large organizations.

Our typical client profile includes members of key corporate roles in organizations from a variety of economic sectors. Such industry independence is an important financial sustainability factor in our business model.

Profile of client organizations

Companies listed in Valor 1000 70 %
Public companies 90 %

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Blueprintt shares best practices with more than 5,000 leaders from 2,000 companies annually. Get in touch and find out how we can help you.