Get to know the perspectives, practices and experiences of peers in live conversations


Best practices are on our stages

Using our proprietary research method, we identify the main executive challenges and, based on them, we structure a powerful agenda by selecting case studies that demonstrate good practices, alternative paths or even mistakes to be avoided.

Conferences, individual meetings, discussion groups and relationship meetings, in virtual or face-to-face format, promote collaboration and the sharing of experiences between leaders and strategic teams from the main organizations in Brazil and the world. Providing actionable value to each of the main functions common to large organizations.

In all, we have more than 80 proprietary events, with different formats to provide the best experience.

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The most powerful ideas often come up in live conversations

Our conferences are designed to condense in two or three days the main senior leaders from different sectors of the economy to share best practices, exchange experiences and connections on a topic that represents an urgent challenge on the agenda of leaders and organizations.
Gain new ideas and be clear to act with confidence.


Get up-to-date and network with c-suite pairs from organizations from different sectors.

Networks are private meetings for a limited number of selected leaders. In this format there are no speakers and the microphone is opened to provoke the deepest discussions about common problems.

Participants really work together to produce viable alternatives for overcoming complex obstacles.


Roundtables are true peer mentoring.

Up to 10 previously selected leaders participate based on the problems they need to solve and the successes they have already achieved.

From this intersection, we created the meeting agenda, where the problem experienced by one has already been solved by another and vice versa.

Pocket Events

Quick and provocative encounters about an emerging challenge.

Quick and provocative encounters about an emerging challenge.

They are held in different capitals and bring best practices from the region and relevant discussions.

Due to their intimate characteristics, they are excellent platforms for updating and new connections.

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