Membership offering research, education and resources for leaders in key roles


Where do you seek guidance on your main challenges?

We function as a source of ideas and answers to many of the immediate business problems that our members are facing.
Our membership services are grouped to increase their usefulness: members can absorb new ideas in our publications and meetings, request support for their specific projects and also obtain support for their decisions using our resources, all from a single annual contribution.
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The Council equips senior leaders and their strategic teams with powerful insights and actionable solutions to transform their operations. Our unique approach allows members to leverage peer perspectives and promote disruptive and innovative transformations without expensive consulting or reinvention. The Council is based on these pillars:


Forms and develops a network of senior leaders in key organizational functions


Focuses on identifying your common challenges


Develops high-level research to identify and present affordable and proven solutions for shared advantage


Rich source of resources organized to overcome your challenges

Deepen Your Understanding

Access best practice surveys aligned with your main challenges

Identify your gaps

Compare your priorities, budget and personnel indicators, as well as the organizational maturity of your role

Run without reinventing

Increase your productivity by accessing the growing library of productivity tool best practices

Address peer perspectives

Series of limited meetings, exclusive meetings and technical visits for you to leverage perspectives, insights and lessons learned from peers

Strengthen your decisions

Demand short searches anonymously, request introductions from other members and non-members

Engage your team

All content is free for access by anyone in the member organization


Your earnings on becoming a member

Improve your performance
  • We help you validate or (re) prioritize your strategic agenda
  • We enable you to avoid the wrong projects and accelerate the implementation of the most appropriate ones
  • We provide key indicators for comparison (quantitative and qualitative) and guide you in improving your performance
Saves your Budget
  • We help reduce or avoid consulting costs
  • We identify opportunities for cost reduction, standardization, digitization and simplification of processes
  • We replace executive education and conference expenses for one person only
Optimize your time
  • We help you to avoid reinventing the wheel with practices already presented in our research
  • We shorten your team's learning curve
  • We save your time by being an ever-present resource to serve

Become a member of a council aligned with your role

Membership programs available to new members at the moment:
Programs to be launched soon:
We are continuously developing new membership programs (Councils) according to the demand we receive.
If you have not found a suitable program for you and your organization, contact us and help us prioritize upcoming releases.

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